At Solar Bill’s we do our very best to make each and every customer a happy camper. Specializing in solar power design and installation. We can answer any questions that you  may have regarding system design, maintenance, and trouble shooting.


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We can provide you with an accurate estimate; Meaning the price’s of the hardware such as solar panels, solar controllers, inverters, batteries, switches, and parts that are needed to make up your particular system. The exact price of labor, wiring and miscellaneous hardware vary due to the fact that each RV is unique in the factory wire routing and interior floor plan.


Harness the energy of the sun & wind, and you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your dependence on the utility companies. Solar energy is environmentally and economically sound.  It is readily available in abundance, and you could even sell it back to your electric company.


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We appreciate and enjoy serving all our customers needs while helping each of you to reduce your personal carbon footprint!

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